What we do:

Here at Blossom Ice Cream, we use the highest quality natural ingredients for our ice cream base combined with fresh fruit toppings to create delicious ice cream rolls for our customers. We offer a new and unique style along with numerous flavors to choose from. To make your Thai ice cream rolls: First, we prepare a flavored cream base according to your order. Next, we pour the cream base over other fresh ingredients in a freezing pan at a frosty -23 degrees Celsius. We then mix all the ingredient together and spread the mixture thin before it is completely frozen. This will allow us to roll the ice cream and serve it to you with your favorite toppings in 2 minutes or less!

We wanted to share this experience with everyone – our stores offers soy-based cream for those with vegan diets or prefer non-diary ice cream. If you have any food allergies, please let us know and be assured that we will do everything to accommodate your request.


Established in 2016.

Instant ice cream rolls originated in Thailand and its popularity quickly expanded to southeast Asia. Thai ice cream rolls were originally made by streets vendors. We, the Blossom Ice Cream team, are the first to bring this new concept of instant ice cream rolls to downtown Brooklyn in a rustic environment utilizing modern equipment to prepare your ice cream.

Who are we?

The Blossom Ice Cream’s core team is composed of young, energetic, and creative individuals – budding entrepreneurs – who wish to bring the pleasure of Thai ice cream rolls to everyone. We seek others who share our passion to join our team!


We are currently located at 196 Court Street in bustling Brooklyn Heights / Cobble Hill area. Be on the lookout for our future ice cream shop locations!