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  • The ice cream is very good here. It has a nice atmosphere with friendly workers and it is clean. I had the key lime pie and it was excellent with great hints of lime. My mother had the dream of Hawaii and she says it was delicious.

    -  Jett P., 
  • I’m so glad I stopped in here and tried their wild berry lavender ice cream!!!!!!! I’m usually not a huge ice cream fan but this was on another level. I liked the texture of the half smashed blueberries in the ice cream mixture. I liked that it was just the right amount of sweetness and refreshing. I want to buy a whole tub of this flavor and bring it home with me!

    -  Jenny Z., 
  • A small and cute place def worth the 15 min detour. I got the green tea with strawberry… the strawberry was diced into the green tea ice cream giving it a subtle tartness that well balanced the sweetness. Will plan brunch around the neighborhood and go there for dessert next time. Def need to try all the other flavours~~~

    -  Yvonne W., 
  • Very very interesting and creative way to make ice cream. Never seen anything like it before, also offers unlimited topping anything I can get. I order a green tea ice cream and fill it up with 6different toppings. And guess what? I got it all. They give all it ask for. 6.5 for a ice cream with unlimited topping where else can I find a deal like this?
    Ice cream is smooth and creamy taste very good. Better than all the ice cream that I have ever ate before. Five stars for then.

    -  Le M., 
  • Absolutely scrumptious! I love the fact that they make the ice cream in front of me, and I get to see the liquid nitrogen in action! That is so cool!! Not only that their creations are fun, all the flavors go well together. It’s not like anything I’ve ever tasted. By far the best ice cream I’ve ever had!

    The product: I definitely recommend the lavender. It’s super delicious. It has a perfect blend of flavor and texture. It’s so smooth and creamy without being heavy. The flavors are very pure and clean. Nothing tastes phony. They also emphasize a lot on textures which contrasts well with the crunchy, fruity toppings. I can’t wait to go back for a 2nd round!

    -  Jin H., 
  • Super cute little place serving the trendy new Thai rolled ice cream, with the added bonus that it’s not crazy busy. This was my first time trying rolled ice cream and it was a great experience. Staff are so friendly and the process is entertaining to watch. It’s a good thing their toppings are unlimited because they’ve got everything from your run of the mill sprinkles and chocolate chips to more interesting toppings like green tea kit kats and teddy grahams!

    -  Hinna M., 
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